28 Feb 2024

“Understanding Emergency Exit Standards: EN179 and EN1125 Explained”

In the world of commercial security, ensuring the safety and compliance of emergency exit systems is paramount. Two key standards, EN179 and EN1125, play a crucial role in defining the requirements for emergency exit devices. In this blog post, we’ll simplify these standards, explore why maglocks are not permitted under PSA67 regulations, discuss the risks associated with non-compliant devices, and highlight how KC Security Locksmiths can help ensure your premises are safe and secure.

Demystifying EN179 and EN1125

  • EN179: This standard pertains to emergency exit devices installed on doors where occupants are expected to be familiar with the escape routes. Examples include doors in workplaces or offices where controlled access is maintained.
  • EN1125: On the other hand, EN1125 applies to panic exit devices installed on doors in public spaces accessible to the general public. These devices are designed for situations where occupants may panic or rush to exit during emergencies, such as in shopping centres or theatres.

Why Maglocks Aren’t Permitted Under PSA67

Under the regulations of the Private Security Authority (PSA) in Ireland, maglocks, also known as electromagnetic locks, are not permitted for use on final exit doors in commercial premises according to PSA67. This restriction is rooted in concerns regarding the reliability of maglocks during emergencies. Maglocks can pose risks of occupants being trapped inside a building in the event of a power failure or malfunction, potentially jeopardizing lives and safety.

Risks of Using Non-Compliant Devices

Using non-compliant emergency exit devices not only violates regulations but also exposes your business to significant risks. Non-compliant devices may fail to provide secure and reliable egress during emergencies, leading to potential injuries, loss of life, and legal liabilities. Moreover, non-compliant devices may compromise insurance coverage and result in costly fines or penalties for regulatory violations.

Partner with KC Security Locksmiths for Compliance and Peace of Mind

At KC Security Locksmiths, we understand the importance of compliance and safety when it comes to your commercial security needs. Our team of experienced locksmiths is trained and equipped to assess your premises, recommend compliant security solutions, and ensure the proper installation and maintenance of emergency exit devices. From panic bars to electronic strikes and high-security locks, we offer a comprehensive range of products and services to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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