ILS Smart Handle

299.00 incl. VAT

The ILS S2 Smart Slimline Door Handle is suitable for many door applications for both domestic and commercial properties. Suitable for PVC, Composite, Wooden & Metal Doors,  that have  multipoint locks, and escape mortice locks.   With multipoint locks, simply lift the external handle and this will engage the locking points. The S2 handle is egress, allowing for quick exit from buildings


Introducing the ILS Smart Handle from KC Security Locksmiths

Elevate your security with the ILS Smart Handle, now available exclusively at KC Security Locksmiths. This state-of-the-art handle seamlessly integrates advanced technology, offering both residential and commercial users an enhanced level of access control.

Advanced Unlocking Features

Firstly, the Pincode Access allows you to program up to 150 unique pin codes, ensuring flexible and controlled entry. Furthermore, the handle supports 200 RFID cards, making access quick and convenient without the need for physical keys. In addition, Fingerprint Recognition can store up to 200 fingerprints, providing high-level biometric security for authorized users.

Moreover, the App Unlock feature enables administrators to remotely manage access through a dedicated app, offering the convenience of controlling entry from virtually anywhere. In case of electronic issues, the Mechanical Key Override provides a reliable backup option, ensuring you always have access.

Smart Hub Bridge

To further enhance functionality, consider the Smart Hub Bridge, which allows you to connect your ILS Smart Handle to the internet. This addition enables you to manage access remotely from anywhere in the world, which is especially beneficial for properties like AIRBNB rentals or multiple locations. Consequently, you gain comprehensive control and flexibility in managing your security.


The ILS Smart Handle is designed to fit doors with a thickness ranging from 30mm to 100mm. This versatility ensures compatibility with a wide range of door installations, making it a suitable choice for various applications.

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