Abus Granite 135/200 Hasp & Staple

172.99 incl. VAT

This hasp and staple used toughened and yet malleable hardened
steel to ensure it is both strong against cutting and yet cannot be
shattered. It affords a CEN Grade 5 rating and therefore ideal with
other CEN graded padlocks within our high security section.
Both the hasp and the staple use 10mm long bolts which are secured
from the inside of the door. A hardened backing plate also prevents
the unit from being pulled off the door using force alone.
All fittings and coach bolts are provided with the product and conform to
CEN 5 ratings


Double hardened malleable steel
Resists physical attack
Through hardened steel alloy staple
To fit a ø14mm shackle padlock
Ideal for use with ABUS 37/80 padlock
CEN grade 5 security
Including coach bolts and backing plates
Made in Germany

Additional information

Dimensions 70 × 200 mm