Pheonix Safes Installed in Naas
06 Sep 2022

Pheonix Safes Installed in Naas

This was a lovely project to be involved with. We worked closely alongside the customer to get it just right.

They needed 2 separate safes to be used differently.

The safe on the left is a Phoenix SS0990 Cashier deposit safe, complete with a Technosecurzza Pulse Evo electronic keypad. This safe was to be used for day to day use. Staff could deposit cash into the safe without having to know the code. The code was given to the managers who could access it when needed. The keypad however was fitted with a 5 minute time-delay feature. This means once the code is entered, they must wait 5 minutes for the safe to open. This is ideal for a hold up situation.

the safe on the right is a Phoenix Neptune Grade I safe complete with a Technosecurzza Mini-Tech lock and keypad. This safe is designed to hold cash over night. It can hold up to E15,000 cash overnight and E150,000 over night valuable cover. It has been designed to open only twice a day. Once the window for opening has elapsed, the safe will no longer be accessible by staff.